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December 2019



November 2019

daisy jones

Everyone loved this one – people raved about the audio version. We’re all excited for the miniseries.

October 2019


I made everyone read what might be my favorite book of all time. People mostly liked it, the few who didn’t were not in the mood for “heavy” stories (I tried to convince them to give it a go anyway these are all so brilliant!).

September 2019

before we were yours.jpg

I didn’t read this one and apparently I missed out! Everyone enjoyed it and lots of people did research into the true events this novel was based on. We had a really lively discussion.

August 2019


(missed due to babies)

July 2019


(missed due to babies but I certainly loved this one)

June 2019


(missed due to babies)

May 2019


This was not my favorite book. There were a lot of members who felt the same way, the writing wasn’t great and the story wasn’t very original.

April 2019


I DNF this one. I think either I missed the discussion or it was so short I can’t remember it now. WWI, YA, told through they eyes of Aphrodite.

March 2019


This was fast and easy and everyone (mostly) read it and liked it.

February 2019



January 2019



December 2018


If there is such a thing as the WWII version of a Hallmark movie, this would be it. Three people HATED it and everyone else really liked it.


I am not very good at keeping this page updated – if you assumed that our book club has fizzled out, you’re wrong! We are still going strong and averaging about 14 ladies per meeting. Going to do a quick update here of the last 8 months:

November  2018


The 7 & 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

October 2018

Station Eleven

Station Eleven – Only one of the fifteen or so present didn’t LOVE this book. Who knew literature and the apocalypse would be so much fun to read about. We had a great discussion, using – as we almost always do – the questions provided in the back of the book. There were so many THINGS to talk about and it was fun hearing everyone’s survival strategies.

August/September 2018


The True Story of Hansel and Gretel – Our first WWII story. Not my fave. But such a good, smart discussion. I think the group was split – half loved the interesting perspective and the Hansel/Gretel tie-in. The other half (me included) thought it was just so hard to read.

July 2018


Kitchens of the Great Midwest – This one was such a fun one! The structure was something new for us, where it was basically a story of Eva but told through secondary characters. Each chapter/section was from a different part in Eva’s life told by someone who was not Eva. We all liked it – fun and easy but not TOO easy. And our resident Baker made one of the recipes shared in the book, so fun.

June 2018


The Red Tent – Enough of us hadn’t read this one that it got picked for June. The meeting had kind of low numbers and a lot of new faces, so the discussion was great. I had never read it and was glad I did. Lots of interesting talk about the Bible and women’s rights, etc.

May 2018


This is How it Always Is – THIS BOOK. Another hot one, just recently (in October) was picked to be Reese Witherspoon’s book club book which means its time in the spotlight isn’t over yet. Story of a family with five sons, and the youngest, Claude, is a girl. In a boy’s body. Laurie Frankel has a transgender child, so many of the issues and discussions brought up in the book feel so real. Everyone loved this one.

April 2018


Little Fires Everywhere – I missed this one, but I’m pretty sure they all liked it. I read this in the Mother/Daughter book club and all liked it except one m/d pair.

March 2018


The Immortalists – I love that this book club isn’t afraid to pick the hot new releases. This one got a TON of publicity and we had a great time discussing it. Although most of us thought the characters were not that likable, we all enjoyed the premise (what would you do if you knew the date you’d die??).

February 2018


We Have Always Lived in the Castle – I’m catching up now, so these will be brief. BUT, I think everyone liked this creepy little novel – lots of people had read The Lottery in school and those who hadn’t went back and did so after reading this. Good, short, creepy easy read with enough to discuss.


I recently started a neighborhood association book group. After posting in our facebook group, over 35 people appeared to be interested. So we began! We had our first meeting in January. I hope this group keeps going and going and so I decided to keep track of what we’re reading like I do for my other group. Here’s hoping it sticks together!

January 2018

red notebook

For our first meeting, I wanted something that was short and also non-controversial. I threw out three ideas, The Red Notebook, News of the World and We Have Always Lived in the Castle. We voted, and the Red Notebook won.  It’s a pretty easy read, translated from the French about a woman who gets mugged and ends up in a Coma and the bookstore owner who finds her handbag and is determined to return it to her. Think a combo of You’ve Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping. Initially everyone liked it, and then after talking about it for a while we pretty much all realized that parts of it were a little creepy. It was a good introductory meeting – I think there were 13 people. Next time we’re doing We Have Always Lived in the Castle and then I hope someone else chooses the book!

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