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Road Trip Weekend.

16 Jul

I just got home from a quick weekend drive up to Cincinnati to meet one of my best friend’s fiancé. It is about a 10 hour drive – and with no air conditioning or cd player, you’d think it would have felt like 20. But luckily for me, I had some great audiobooks loaded on my iPod and the drive flew by with one earbud securely in my ear. I usually like to listen to fast-paced action adventures when I drive, something about the short sentences and quick plot lines make for great listening. So this time, I listened to a thriller that is a couple of years old that was a go-to recommendation based on the reactions of my dad, grandfather and brothers: The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd.

It was a pleasure to listen to – I was definitely wrapped up in the drama and surprised by the turns it took (although I   guessed the surprise player before the end). The story revolves around an ex-FBI man (now a bricklayer) who gets called in to help on a case that seems to have an inside source. There are prominent dead bodies and high ransoms, and the FBI needs someone with the Bricklayer’s “Take No Prisoner” attitude. Of course, the investigation leads him all over the country and into many a booby-trap. Very good and fast. 

On the way home, I dug into a book I’d read a long time ago (and remembered loving but not much more than that), The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. I didn’t get to finish this one – the drive was too short – but will finish it up soon. It is just as good as I’d remembered – about two cousins (Sammy Clay and Josef Kavalier) who go into the Comic Book business with a superhero known as The Escapist. Josef, trained in the art of magic and escape, had fled Prague just as WWII was beginning and much of the story revolves around his aggression towards the Nazi Powers and his fear for his family’s (still in Prague) safety. More literary than The Bricklayer and just as entertaining. I think the version I listened to was abridged, so I’m going to dig out my copy and thumb through to see what I missed.