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I’ll be in the back with the Tambourine

19 Feb

daisy jones

Oh my word I fell into this novel about a fictional band from the 70s – Daisy Jones & the Six. The format is not your usual novel format and, as with anything that’s a little different, I’d suggest you start this when you have time to really get a good chunk read and when you know you’ll be able to finish it quickly. It would NOT be a good ‘pick-up-put-down’ sort of a read. Here’s why. Daisy Jones and the Six is written as if it’s the transcription of a documentary about your favorite (nonexistent) old school hard rock band. Many people are comparing this band to Fleetwood Mac (which worked for me). There is a HUGE cast of characters and they would be easy to confuse if you stretched the reading of this out over any great length of time. But if you can give yourself time to jump in, oh it’s so good! I definitely loved Daisy and also most of the other band members. I was very into figuring out what happened and where the twists would be and also sort of devastated that I couldn’t actually LISTEN to the band’s music. There is a playlist you can find, curated by the author and publisher, so that was fun. This is definitely (I think, as of now) on my list for a best Litpick of 2019. Hits shelves in March. 5 stars.


Also out in March is Anne Griffin’s When All is Said, just as good as Daisy but in opposite ways. In this one we meet Maurice Hannigan – old, Irish, grieving the loss of his wife. He sits at the bar in his small town’s hotel and has five drinks. Each drink in honor of someone important to him – filled with the backstories and dramas of his life. So good – I especially liked it because although it first seems like it’s going to be another Man Called One or Arthur Truluv or something it just really isn’t that at all. 5 stars!