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Out & Coming Up Soon

12 Mar

I know it looks like I’m on a roll, and I guess I am, but I still haven’t found anything that really, really REALLY has me excited. In this first half of March, I’ve read some good stuff. The best two would be Educated, a memoir by Tara Westover, and Love and Ruin, the forthcoming new novel by Paula McLain.

Educated is the crazy, crazy story of Tara Westover’s life. It’s being hailed as the next Glass Castle and that is pretty apt. She grew up with a survivalist father who was sure that the world was on the brink of collapse. He didn’t believe in the government (only the first few of his 7 kids had birth certificates because of this), education (none attended elementary school), or hospitals/doctors. Her story is so crazy that it reads like a novel, and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. 4.5 stars

Love and Ruin doesn’t hit shelves until May 1, but it is just as good as I hoped it would be once I heard it was the story of Hemingway’s 3rd wife – Martha (called Marty) Gellhorn. I love that Paula McLain is OBSESSED with Hem, it definitely makes her novels seem so intense and honest. Hem and Marty had a weird relationship, but I loved reading about it. 4 stars.

I flew through How to Stop Time by Matt Haig today. But it was one of those weird ones where even though I wanted to know how it ended, wanted to keep reading, I didn’t really LOVE it. I’m not even sure I really liked it that much. So weird, right? It’s the story of a guy named Tom Hazard who is 439 years old. He ages slower than slow, looking 18 when he is actually closer to 70 or something like that. His life is interesting – playing the lute for Shakespeare, hobnobbing with the Fitzgeralds in Paris, pirating with Captain Cook. There is a little bit of a mystery and some suspense – but I felt like most of it was pretty familiar. 3 stars.

The Second Mrs Hockaday we read for our mother/daughter book club and had the best discussion. It’s set during the Civil War – a young bride is left alone at her homestead while her Captain of a husband goes off to fight. When he returns two years later, he hears rumors that his wife Placidia has given birth to a baby and that the baby was found buried by the river. Knowing that the child cannot have been his, he has her arrested. It’s (mostly) an epistolary novel and way more suspenseful than I was expecting it to be. 4 stars.