Slumps and a request

16 Nov

I have been in a SLUMP. It happens, it happens more now than it used to. I tried my tricks; rereading an easy one like Harry Potter or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (actually not a great reread once you know whom to suspect), watching a Netflix series or five, not worrying about it. But I’m ready to get back into it. This is my favorite time of the year book-wise. I’ll be back in the bookstore a little bit starting a week from Saturday, all of the Best Of lists will be or are already coming out. It’s a magical time of year! I’ve been looking at my own Top Ten list and worrying that I’m missing something great (as I always worry). I would LOVE to know what your favorite books of the year have been – especially ones that I’ve missed! You can comment here or email me at  If I get a lot or even more than a few responses I’ll dedicate a post to it so everyone can see the suggestions. Thank you in advance!


I think I’ve only read three books since my last post. Here they are:

I Am I Am I Am doesn’t come out until early February, AND it’s non-fiction, AND I actually really, really liked it. Maggie O’Farrell wrote one of my favorite novels last year (This Must Be The Place) so I was excited at first to see she had a new one coming. Then seeing it was non-fiction, well, you know me – I almost passed it over. I’m so glad I didn’t! This is the story of Maggie’s real-life 17 brushes with death. They go from crazy (escaping, narrowly, a serial killer) to not so crazy (a dangerous childbirth) and they are all really well written and paint a vivid, if pained, portrait of her life. 4 stars.

Alice McDermott’s newest novel, The Ninth Hour, is just what you want (and expect) from an Alice McDermott novel. Great writing, simple story with characters you want to be friends with or that might live on your street. It’s the story of a young woman whose husband commits suicide while she is pregnant with their first child. The local nuns take the woman in, giving her work and helping her find her feet. It’s the story of the mother, the nuns, the daughter…and it’s Irish New York City. Highly recommend, 4 stars.

Wishtree has been buzzing lately, a middle-grade novel that everyone seems to be loving. I enjoyed it, but didn’t find it as deep or as touching as other middle grade works. It’s the story of an immigrant young girl, kind of the outcast of her neighborhood and school, and a wise old tree, the wishtree, that lives outside of her family’s home. The story is narrated by the tree itself, and the story is sweet with a good moral. 3 stars.

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