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Inside a Dark Country

3 Feb


Political tensions are running high. Refugees and immigrants find themselves in danger. I wonder if that is why everything I’m reading is politically charged – if the current mood of the country is effecting how I interpret what I’m reading. SO far this year, I’ve read three really moving and powerful stories of immigrants/refugees. The Accusation would be political pretty much anytime it was published as it’s the first thing to come out of red North Korea. These seven stories really, really blew me away. I know next to nothing about North Korea and most of what I read in this collection intrigued and horrified me. A lot of the stories are about loss of the party’s favor – if your ancestor fell out of favor, the repercussions last for generations and generations. Some of the stories: a young mother whose young child misbehaves at a political rally. A grandmother who leaves her husband and granddaughter at a train station during a Class One lockdown (I think those were called whenever Kim Il-sung or Kim-Jong-il were traveling nearby). A prominent member of the party who has a revolutionary son. Every story opened my eyes a little bit more to what life must be like in a communist state. Bandi is a pseudonym, the author’s identity is unknown. 5 stars.