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NYT’s 2015 Top Ten and Book Club Miscellany

3 Dec

Tonight the New York Times released their top ten books of 2015. Kind of an interesting list with NO overlap to mine. You can see the list here.

One of the novels on the list is the 4th in a series by Elena Ferrante – and it just so happens that my book club is reading the first in the series, My Brilliant Friend, this month. I’m a little over halfway through it and loving it. It the best, most honest story of female friendship/competition that I’ve read in a long time.

my brilliant friend

Another of my book clubs is reading A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote. It is sold as a trio of short stories, all based on his early childhood. Two are Christmas, one is Thanksgiving and they were fast and good and if you’re in the mood for a holiday-themed pick-me-up you should try this one.

christmas memory

My third book club, the one that meets sporadically and is just a big, bookseller book swap happened the other day and I got to borrow an advance copy of Emma Cline’s The Girls – a novel about Charles Manson’s female posse. This is a little before my time and I embarrassingly had to google the cult to see what was what, but the book has been getting TONS of advance praise. Just today, EW released an article that included a sneak peek of the final cover art. It’s up next after I finish My Brilliant Friend, but you should go ahead and put it on your TBR list now.