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The Tampa Question

17 Jan

Anyone remember that book Tampa? I talked about it here. I loved it – but would NEVER recommend it to anyone, it was so over-the-top in terms of sexual content. But if you manage to get past that, the story grabs you and the ending is pretty amazing. Still, it’s one that I never suggest to others.

I felt much the same way about these two novels that I finished wham-bam this weekend. The first takes place in Delhi, a weird sort of fever-dream of a novel:

bad character  A Bad Character follows one college-aged woman and her frantic involvement with the wrong sort of man. The novel is written is a series of short, short paragraphs, almost looks like some sort of poetry. It took me a minute to get in the swing of it but once I did it went fast. Lots of sex, lots of drugs, lots of driving fast through the streets of Delhi. I liked it, but think it has a pretty small target audience. 3.5 stars.


Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum is slated to come out in March. I would sum it up as a modern day retelling of Anna Karenina, with the modern day Anna an American ex-pat living in Switzerland with her family. Some raunchy parts, lots of good Russian tragedies, a boom of an ending. 3.5 stars.