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Lydia is dead, but the Royals are still alive in the Post-Season

15 Oct

Who would have thought I’d ever claim the Kansas City Royals as a reading distraction? But seriously, my free time has been swallowed by extra-inning post-season wins. Craziness. Somewhere in the past week I found time to read Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng.


The first sentence of the novel? “Lydia is dead.” Catchy, right? Lydia is a 16 year old high school student who, at the beginning of the novel, is missing (but we know she’s dead). So slowly we get to unravel her life; her parents, older brother, little sister and her hoodlum of a boyfriend, they all play a part in her disappearance. I was surprised where this story went, relatively quickly. Instead of being a murder mystery full of suspense and intrigue and hidden clues, it was an onion of a family saga (peel back those layers!). High family drama at its best, with a fair bit of heartbreak thrown in. I really loved the way she wrote it, the tenderheartedness of the children and the crushing hopes of the parents. 4 stars, but worth waiting for from the library or in paperback (read: not a hardcover I’ll Keep You Forever sort of a novel).

I’ve also started and am LOVING the new Colm Toibin. Hopefully I’ll get that knocked out between now and the World Series!