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Time’s not a-wasting

24 Feb

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, and my last post was about a book I didn’t love (so it almost doesn’t count!). Even though it may SEEM like I’ve been slacking on my reading – I haven’t, I promise! I’ve just been reading things that don’t come out for a while. Here is what I have going right now, hopefully posts to follow very soon:

QUICKA spooky vampire (I think there are vampires, I’m not terribly far) story with a set of phenomenal orphans, creepy houses, really sucked me in from the beginning (vampire joke!). Comes out next week.

mamba in chinatown

Pretty much LOVED her first (Girl in Translation), this one is not impressing me too much right off the bat, so I’m slow-going-it.

frog musicEvery time I pick this one up, I’m so close to falling asleep I can’t make sense of the dialect the characters speak in.

other langI’m really loving these short stories, and have only 3 or 4 left. As soon as I’m done with those, expect a glowing review.

wind is not a riverI just picked this one up from the library. I’ve been hearing lots of good things, but recently finished a duo of WWII novels. So it has not been giving a fair chance yet, but will get one soon as it must go back to the library.


Sorry for the delay!

And the Verdict is…

10 Feb


This weekend I read Jennifer DuBois’s Cartwheel. The premise interested me (it starts off sounding just like the Amanda Knox ordeal) and I thought it’d be fast. I’d heard pretty good things from people who’d read it – that it was great until the end. Well. I sort of agree, but sort of not. I thought the whole thing was full of false suspense. I kept waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a big twist but there really weren’t any. Lily is the Amanda Knoxian character – studying abroad in South America and charged with the murder of her oh-so-lovely roommate, Katy Kellers. I did like that the chapters rotated narrators (Lily, her father, the boy next door, the detective) and it COULD have been a fantastic thriller. Instead it sort of fell flat. 3 stars (on the low side of 3).


War Wins.

1 Feb

The Winter People

I started reading Jennifer McMahon’s Winter People last night – but after about 70 pages I realized it was just too scary to read when I was home alone. I may pick it up when Loren gets back from Florida, but it was SPOOKY.


After setting Winter People aside, I picked up a debut novel by Anna Hope called Wake. I just finished a WWII novel (the blog post is set to come out closer to the release date of the book), and wasn’t really sure another war novel would hit the spot. But I flew through this WWI novel – and basically decided that war wins, pretty much always. Wake is the story of three women in 1920 over the course of 5 days. Each chapter/section is a single day, and we rotate through the three characters willy-nilly (a little confusing at first, easier once you know who everyone is). First we have Hettie, a 19-year-old living with her mother and her brother (her brother served in the war and is now mute). Then Evelyn – almost 30, working for the government lodging pension complaints. Her brother was a captain in the war, now an alcoholic druggie sort, her only true love died. Third, Ada. Her son never returned from the war – she had a brief note saying that he’d died of his wounds. She sees him everywhere through, even after three years, and it’s caused her marriage to crumble a little bit. So those are the players – and over five days in 1920 we see how their stories intersect. It was good, it was fast, war is terrible. Not one character in the entire thing seemed unharmed. 4 stars.